Clean Tab gun cleaning mat (english)

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The CLEAN TAB gun cleaning mat, developed by Passion Tactique, makes it easier for you to dismantle and clean your weapons.

Waterproof and resistant to cleaning products

Made of flexible and waterproof PVC, it effectively protects your countertop from solvents and other chemicals used during the cleaning process (Hoppe's, Brunox, Safariland CLP, etc.).

Pragmatic organization

Its four compartments, hollowed out in the mass, allow you to efficiently store and organize small parts during disassembly, as well as your tools. This way, the reassembly is therefore much easier.

Everything has been designed for your comfort. There are compartments for rods and brushes, screws and small tools, the slide, the barrel, the frame of the weapon and finally a location that is suitable for most bottles/spray cans of cleaning solution.

A removable magnetic plate (provided) can be fitted into the mat, allowing to secure even more your screws, pins and tools on the work surface.

Comfort in use

Thanks to its yellow color, the identification of parts is user-friendly.

The main compartment has a honeycomb texture so that your weapon does not bathe soiled liquid during the cleaning process. This way, the task will be easier for you.

Its generous size can accommodate full size handguns (Glock 17, Sig Sauer P320 X-Five, etc.). But this will also allow you to clean the parts of your rifles, once disassembled.

The back side has a anti-slip texture, ensuring excellent stability on the work surface.

Ideal for quick and hassle-free cleaning, the mat can be washed with water and soap. In the shower, for example.

Two loops are arranged on the left side of the platform so that it can be hung for quick drying and to store the mat.

The 1 cm (0.39 inches) thickness and 825g (29 oz) weight offer a perfect compromise between flexibility and durability.